Zasílání novinek


Dear customers, to get closer to you, we decided to establish a small confectioner’s in the heart of the beautiful historic centre of Třebíč.
You can daily find here fresh cakes, salty and sweet strudels, all baked in our masonry heater (tile oven), which is a part of our confectioner’s. We serve traditional delicacies straight from our tile oven. We want to warm and lighten all the cold winter days when sitting behind the tile oven.
There are products in our offer which you might know already. These are our cakes of different tastes and shapes, prepared for special occasions or just for your Sunday table. We mustn´t forget our cake Excelsior and Dalešické medové řezy (Dalešice Honey Tart), which both received the award of Regional Products of Vysočina Region. Further on you can find in our offer desserts in our daily offer, as well as seasonal sweets such as mazanec (a kind of a sweet cake, the pastry similar to cross buns), Czech Christmas cake vánočka, doughnuts, fruit cakes and desserts according to the seasonal fruit offer. Everything is made of good quality ingredients. We look forward to your visit.