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Dalešické cukrářství

Dalešice Confectioner’s is a small family company with the business seat in Dalešice, Region Vysočina. As it usually occurs in the small family firms, the whole family participates in the production as well as the promotion and advertising. Everything we prepare, we make with love and as if we were doing it for ourselves. The taste, careful choice of quality ingredients for our products correspond to the quality. Our products are based on traditional recipes of our grandmothers, but as well as from the recipes of our confectioners.  We pass our product heritage of our ancestors on you, our customers, on us, on our children and on our foreign visitors. We offer you the best of our traditional Czech confectionery skills. We know there is an uneasy task in front of us, a long way, for we have to keep working on ourselves and on our products, we have to prepare and develop new ones and come up with those that have almost been forgotten. We have to teach the young generation the tradition that had been inherited in our regions from one generation to the next one. We would occasionally offer our regional specialities, specialities related to various events during the year. We believe in your support, understanding and willingness to cooperate. We look forward to seeing you !!!!